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The U. It mostly allowed citizens to forge their own destinies and choose where to live, what professions to pursue and what to say and publish, gradually expanding those freedoms to more Americans, not just the white men who were in that room in Philadelphia in America happened — and continues to happen — spontaneously, when its leaders are smart enough to just stay out of our way.

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The optimism was rewarded. We outlasted European fascism and communism and now have better, healthier and more interesting lives than anyone anywhere ever.

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Many Americans now want to create a nation built on very different principles than the ones that made us a success. The crowd at the Democratic presidential debates cheered socialist promises — government-run health care, free college, etc. They are eager to replace individualism and markets with government central planning. President Trump talks as if the key to our success is not spreading the idea of liberty but keeping the rest of the world away from the U.

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They do not want people to immigrate and emigrate freely. Some even want government to police speech.

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The USA uses two-pin plugs so adaptors are required. Tipping in the USA is the norm.

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