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It is a paradigm that hardwires one for the very thing they fear most: failure. But unlike my generation, there is no tolerance for failure.

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So what? So what do we do with this information?

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Well first, some disclaimers:. The point is…. As a generation, this group are super smart, driven and successful. However, there is no wide berth for them to fail. There is the expectation to be perfect. What I do know is that I have a lot of compassion for the millennials I work with, mentor and am friends with. If I could gift you all with one thing it would be imperfection… and maybe a lot of Pema Chodron books.

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Free yourself from the pressure to be perfect. Perfection is kryptonite to risk taking and joy making. Roosevelt was noted not for being the most naturally gifted, intellectual or best looking he wasnt any of those — but for being disciplined, principled and great at working hard.

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He was not perfect but he was a fan of taking risks and helping others— as we all should be. I think this quotation from him really sums up how we combat the phenomenon of secret pain:.

Learn to accept that you will not always be the best nor do the best. Take a note from a Gen X friend me! With the support of a committee comprised of younger generation employees, the organization established a Social Good Policy within the organization. Not only did the organization launch two community-based initiatives such as an Earth Day event each year for employees to participate; but they also supported employees taking up to seven days paid time off during the calendar year for work on community or non-profit initiatives.

Each employee was required to document their efforts and how it enabled them to build knowledge and skills that they could apply within the workplace. One year later, when we relaunched the employee engagement survey, we received a number of comments from younger generation employees praising the efforts of the organization to coordinate community-based initiatives as well as empowering and enabling support of employees to take time off to engage in social good work.

There are many ways to engage the younger generation in the workplace. This is just one way to do so.

The younger generation expects something different from organizations. Engage your younger generation employees in a conversation as to what they would like to see from the organization. What is important for them? Home About Posts Contact Me.

Millennials: Technology = Social Connection

Today, she is involved in a home based business offering an Internet travel and shopping portal and is active in promoting skin care and beauty products through her Cose Belle enterprise. Antonietta enjoys traveling to her hometown in Italy, playing tennis and paddle tennis, cooking, making new recipes, and visiting her 3 sons.

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