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Registration includes access to all conference presentations as well as lunch and dinner on November You can also use the registration form to book a room at the conference hotel and venue, Pheonix City Hot Spring Resort. Capacity is limited, so if you wish to book a room, please register early. Papers presented oral presentations, virtual presentations, and poster presentations in the conference are being considered for possible publications in following journals.

This conference is associated with the publication of a special thematic section of ISJ on 'Silk Road Archipelagos' The special thematic section will be formally published in November , but individual papers will be published ahead of print as they are completed. Because ISJ is peer reviewed, we cannot guarantee publication of any papers in advance.

Much more than documents.

However, we will be happy to advise conference delegates on how to prepare their papers for submission to the journal. Papers should follow the guidelines set forth in the special thematic section call for papers. For more information, write to: isj upei. Pacific Journal, published by Pacific Society of China, is a social science journal concerning marine science and technology. Its post of editor-in-chief was for years held by the renowned economist Yu Guangyuan. Acta Oceanologica Sinica Chinese Version and English Version publishes cutting-edge scientific achievements and results as well as papers in the field of ocean sciences, including physical oceanography, marine physics, marine chemistry, marine geology, marine biology, marine meteorology, ocean engineering, marine remote sensing, and marine environmental sciences.

Progress reports on research projects are also included.

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For more information, write to: hyxbe Water Science and Engineering WSE , founded in , is a scientific and technical periodical published quarterly in English. The journal is sponsored by Hohai University, which is famous throughout China for its water resources expertise. WSE focuses on new concepts, theories, methods, and techniques related to water issues. The published papers cover the latest research in the fields of water resources, aquatic environment, water ecology, and water engineering, with emphases placed on the innovation and applicability of science and technology in large-scale hydropower project construction, large river and lake regulation, inter-basin water transfer, hydroelectric energy development, ecological restoration, the development of new materials, and sustainable utilization of water resources.

The Journal of Fujian Normal University Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition is a comprehensive academic theory publication regarding philosophy and social sciences, published at home and abroad. Established in , it is among the oldest university-based journals in Fujian Province.

Dedicated to fostering research in philosophy and the social sciences and promoting the development of the humanities in universities, this journal has since its creation published a multitude of high-level and influential scholarly publications.


Chinese Fisheries Economics ,. It is the only national-level fisheries economic academic journal titled with the word "China" published at home and abroad. It was founded in and has a profound history and high industry recognition. Along with the great development of China's fisheries, Chinese Fisheries Economics has always been oriented to industrial development, scientific and technological innovation and the majority of fishermen. It adheres to academic frontiers, industrial guidance, and interdisciplinary nature, and plays an important role in prospering the soft science research and promoting the modernization of fisheries.

In the new era, Chinese Fisheries Economics actively seeks a high-quality development path, going out of fisheries, entering agriculture, and moving towards interdisciplinary. Joined: Oct 10, Messages: 1, Location: Roaming. Funny x 1. Ars article on Smart Summon. It's behaviour is akin to a robot vacuum cleaner. Most worrying is how often it fails to see humans. I'll just wait for all the "Hey Y'all, watch this" crowd to use it enough to send data back to Tesla to actually get it in reasonable working order.

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